V-Ray for Rhino Lighting Plug-in

See your designs in their best light

Requires V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino, and HDR Light Studio 4.3+
(V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino is a free upgrade from V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino)

HDR Light Studio and V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino - Promotional Video

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino includes out of the box support for a HDR Light Studio live connection. So you can buy 'HDR Light Studio' software to add a powerful new lighting toolset to your V-Ray for Rhino workflow.

Avoid the time consuming ‘trial and error’ process of moving lights in 3D. Simply click on the 3D model in the Rhino viewport to position lights on HDR Light Studio’s dynamic HDR canvas. The lighting updates instantly in the V-Ray RT viewport… welcome to a faster and easier way to achieve perfect lighting.

V-Ray for Rhino Lighting

Create sophisticated studio lighting using HDR Light Studio’s powerful synthetic light sources, or choose from a wide selection of HDR captures of real studio lights.


VRay for Rhino Lighting

Enhance your existing HDRI maps… add new light sources, or make local adjustments to color and exposure, for ultimate creative control with a superior final result.

Visualise your designs on a photographed background image, and easily create convincing lighting so it doesn’t look ‘stuck on’.

The HDR Light Studio project is embedded with the V-Ray dome light, so it can be opened and edited at any time. No need to manage multiple files – your design, materials and lighting are all in the rhino file – simple!

You can select HDR Light Studio lights by clicking on your 3D model too, this makes it so easy to make changes to your lighting design. You can quickly solo a light source to understand its lighting effect on your shot.

Here’s more great news… HDR Light Studio not only helps you design the lighting faster…. shots will ‘render’ much faster too. So now you can create the highest quality imagery ‘on time’, and ‘within budget’. Leaving more time to design!


What do customers say about the new V-Ray for Rhino live connection?

"HDR Light Studio is a fantastic tool for product design and jewelry renderings. Now, I only need a V-Ray Dome Light and the connection to HDR Light Studio. With the Light Paint feature I’m sure to get the reflections and lighting results I want fast and easy. The lighting setup can be more detailed and refined and render times get a major turbo boost. This is mission critical when working within short dead lines. It's a dream to see real time feedback of the studio light manipulations. I'm very happy to have this tool combination in Rhino."

Michael Fritzsche, Simulacrum.de


HDR Light Studio and V-Ray for Rhino Tutorial


What to Buy?

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino users can choose from 2 products:

HDR Light Studio 4 for V-Ray for Rhino
A lower cost special edition that works only in a Live Connection with V-Ray for Rhino.

HDR Light Studio 4 - Complete
This product is for V-Ray for Rhino users who would like to use HDR Light Studio with other 3D apps too, or even standalone. This edition includes all available HDR Light Studio plug-ins/connectivity (i.e. to 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, MODO etc - with more being added all the time). Users can use this version standalone using the LiveLight viewer included in this edition. LiveLight lets you load Collada and OBJ files and light them using the LightPaint feature.


Existing HDR Light Studio 4 customers

Existing HDR Light Studio 4 customers can also take advantage of the new compatibility for free by updating to HDR Light Studio 4.3 which is available for download in your Lightmap Store account. Rememeber to update any other HDR Light Studio live plug-ins provided by Lightmap to ensure compatability with 4.3.


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