MODO Lighting Plug-in

Easy, fast, precise lighting using dynamic HDRI maps


Requires MODO 701 (SP2+) and 801

HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDRI maps in real-time. Through the MODO Live Connection Kit - as you develop your custom HDRI map in HDR Light Studio, you see its lighting effect evolve in real-time on your 3D scene in MODO. This provides a new interactive way to light your scenes in MODO using interactive image based lighting.

Use the LightPaint modes to click on your 3D model in the MODO viewport to move the active light in HDR Light Studio to a new location that will illuminate or be reflected in that part of your 3D model. This ‘click to light’ process will dramatically speed your lighting process with precise results.

HDR Light Studio is the fastest way to get your lighting vision out of your head, and onto the screen. It's HDR content works perfectly with MODO 701’s new Environment Importance Sampling, providing precise illumination and shadow detail. For many lighting tasks interactive image based lighting is now a real alternative to using traditional light sources.

Intro Video

Watch the full Getting Started with MODO video on vimeo here

Main Features:

•    Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing app
•    Live Connection between HDR Light Studio and Modo Environment Image
•    LightPaint – Point and click light source positioning and selection in Modo
•    Highly controllable procedural light sources
•    Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
•    Layered lighting system with blend modes
•    Enhance existing HDRI maps via localised adjustments to color, exposure, and saturation
•    Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources
•    HDR Light Studio lighting project embedded in the Modo scene 

Studio Lighting - Overview

Watch the full 20 minute Studio Lighting Tutorial on vimeo here

Enhancing your HDRI map  - Overview

Watch the full 11 minute Tutorial on vimeo here

Creating lighting for a backplate image - Overview

Watch the full 10 minute Tutorial on vimeo here


Product Shot - In Depth Lighting Tutorial (32 minutes)


MODO users are loving HDR Light Studio

Check out our blog posting capturing just some of the great feedback on HDR Light Studio with MODO.

What to Buy?

MODO users can choose from 2 products:

HDR Light Studio 4 for MODO
A lower cost special edition that works only in a Live Connection with MODO. This version includes all the functionality shown in the demo videos on this page, including the LightPaint feature within the MODO viewport.

HDR Light Studio 4 - Complete
This product is for MODO users who would like to use HDR Light Studio with MODO and other 3D apps or even standalone. This edition includes all available HDR Light Studio plug-ins/connectivity (i.e. to 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, MODO etc - with more being added all the time) . Users can use this version standalone using the LiveLight viewer included in this edition. LiveLight lets you load Collada and OBJ files and light them using the LightPaint feature.

Where to next?

Customer Story: Magnum1976

By painting directly the lights in the 3D view, I do not any more need to spend hours to place a lighting to obtain the reflections wanted in the good locations...


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Customer Story: Martin Oberg

With HDRLS I get the perfect combination of both. I use custom lit solutions for my shots a lot more now which saves time and increases the quality...

Martin Oberg

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Customer Story: The Hub+

There is so much more freedom when lighting in HDR Light Studio. I can get the light bouncing off my models with a precision I just didn't have when using the inbuilt lights...

The Hub+

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