LightWave 3D Lighting Plug-in

Easy, fast, precise lighting using dynamic HDRI maps

Requires LightWave 3D version 10+

HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDRI lighting in real-time. Through the LightWave3D Live Connection - as you develop your custom HDRI map in HDR Light Studio, you see its lighting effect evolve in real-time in your VPR view. Use the LightPaint feature to click on your 3D model in the VPR view (or Octane Live view) to position the lighting effects. This ‘click to light’ process will dramatically speed up your lighting process with precise and perfect final results.

Create perfect studio lighting with ease

"It’s exciting to see HDR Light Studio go to market with its new Live Connection plug-in for LightWave - the first designed to directly support LightWave’s VPR,” said Rob Powers, President, LightWave 3D Group. “By offering an interactive, real-time lighting tool that takes advantage of the power of the VPR in LightWave, artists are free to easily explore different image-based lighting scenarios.  Image based lighting was a first in LightWave; it creates very realistic and subtle lighting of a scene. HDR Light Studio’s ability to tap into the VPR to extend image-based editing makes it an essential tool for any LightWave artist.”

What do our users think?

"HDR Light Studio unlocks the power of LightWave's VPR renderer by putting speed and certainty into my lighting. It allows me to concentrate on the image as the camera sees it, without needing to step away and move lights or reflectors about the scene. I've found customizing scene specific HDR environments addictive and it has actually improved my lighting skills and ideas on lighting.

Pretty quickly, step by step, light by light I can create the exact mood I want or experiment freely in any directions. Yet I've barely touched on the possibilities that HDR Light Studio offers, and the integration into LightWave is seamless, the learning curve is virtually invisible."

Says D.J.Waterman - Designer and Animator

“HDR Light Studio is the perfect accompaniment to LightWave3D, especially if you do illustrations or product design. The combination of LightWave’s VPR real-time renderer with HDR Light Studio’s live link and Light Paint makes it ridiculously easy to get the shot precisely as you want it. Need a rim light or nice reflection? Just click and it’s done. It also means less time messing with materials – no more faking it with Speculars.

It’s quick to set up, and the integration is pretty much seamless. HDR Light Studio is easy to use and annoyingly addictive. CG is hard enough as it is, so be thankful there’s one less thing for you to worry about. “

Says Steve Jarratt - Freelance writer, editor and CG artist

HDR Light Studio - LightWave Plug-in Overview ( with LightWave Renderer)

A big thanks to Lewis3D for this demo scene


HDR Light Studio - LightWave + Octane Render



Main Features:

•    Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing app
•    Live Connection between HDR Light Studio and LightWave 3D
•    Supports LightWave Renderer and Octane Render
•    LightPaint – Point and click light source positioning and selection in Lightwave3D
•    Highly controllable procedural light sources
•    Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
•    Layered lighting system with blend modes
•    Enhance existing HDRI maps via localised adjustments to color, exposure, and saturation
•    Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources 
•    HDR Light Studio lighting project embedded in the LightWave 3D scene
•    Presets Shelf - Store, retrieve, and hot swap HDR Light Studio lighting designs


Enhance existing HDRI maps. Store your designs on the presets shelf

What to Buy?

HDR Light Studio 4 - Complete
This edition includes all available HDR Light Studio plug-ins/connectivity (i.e. to LightWave 3D, 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, MODO etc - with more being added all the time) . Users can use this version standalone using the LiveLight viewer included in this edition. LiveLight lets you load Collada and OBJ files and light them using the LightPaint feature.

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