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Create and edit HDRI lighting in Bunkspeed

Bunkspeed Lighting


HDR Light Studio adds fast and precise custom HDRI lighting creation and editing to Bunkspeed. It meets the lighting needs of the most exacting and demanding image makers.

Requires Bunkspeed 2014.1.1 and above release.

The new Bunkspeed 2014 'out of the box' support for HDR Light Studio provides Shot, Pro and Drive users with an intuitive new approach to light their shots. Use the LightPaint feature to position light sources and adjustments by clicking on your 3D model in the Bunkspeed view. Lights are re-positioned in an instant on the HDRI map and this new lighting is updated in Bunkspeed - so users literally place the light where it's needed 'in camera' and see the results in their view immediately. This ‘click to light’ process is a precise way to light your shots and will dramatically speed up your lighting process and improve image quality.

HDR Light Studio Benefits:

Save Time
Don't waste time searching for HDRI maps, rotating them in the hope it will look nice. Light your shots with custom lighting using HDR Light Studio - they deserve it!

 Light shots faster
Quickly explore and perfect your lighting by placing lighting and edits directly in your shot with instant feedback.

 Increase image quality
HDR Light Studio brings a higher level of control to your lighting through realistic HDR captures and procedural lighting and effects that will bring your materials to life.

 Maximise existing content
Enhance and augment existing HDRI maps to control their effect on your shot. Create plausible lighting for use with existing back-plates using powerful color matching tools.


Main Features:

•    Non-destructive, interactive HDRI map creation and editing
•    Live Connection between HDR Light Studio and Bunkspeed
•    LightPaint – Point and click light source positioning and selection in Bunkspeed
•    Highly controllable procedural light sources
•    Library of HDR lights, including HDR captures of studio light sources
•    Layered lighting system with blend modes
•    Enhance existing HDRI maps via localized adjustments to color, exposure, and saturation
•    Augment existing HDRI maps with additional light sources
•    Create multiple HDR Light Studio environment designs within a single Bunkspeed scene
•    HDR Light Studio lighting project embedded in the Bunkspeed scene


Bunkspeed HDRI
Choose from a huge range of studio light sources to light up your shots. Place them instantly anywhere on your HDRI map.

Bunkspeed Lights
Enhance your exsiting HDRI lighting by making local adjustments to exposure, color and saturation or by adding additional lights. You can create a more dynamic shot using this technique.


Studio Lighting Demo with Bunkspeed and HDR Light Studio:


What to Buy?

Bunkspeed users can choose from 2 products:
Please note, requires Bunkspeed 2014.1.1 and above release.

HDR Light Studio 4 for Bunkspeed (single user license)
A lower cost special edition that works only in a Live Connection with Bunkspeed products.

HDR Light Studio 4 - Complete (single user or floating licenses)
This product is for Bunkspeed users who would like to use HDR Light Studio with Bunkspeed and other 3D apps, or even standalone. This edition includes all available HDR Light Studio plug-ins/connectivity (i.e. to 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, KeyShot, Maxwell Studio, MODO etc - with more being added all the time) . Users can use this version standalone using the LiveLight viewer included in this edition. LiveLight lets you load Collada and OBJ files and light them using the LightPaint feature.

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