Live or Standalone

HDR Light Studio lets you create a custom HDRI map that perfectly lights your scene

This can be achieved via 2 different workflows, and depends on your 3D software

Live Workflow

  • Launch HDR Light Studio in Live mode from within your host 3D software.
  • See the HDR lighting/reflections interact with the materials in your host's interactive render preview.
  • Click directly on the rendered view to place and select your lights with native LightPaint support, or open the LiveLight view, and use the LightPaint on a loaded 3D model.
  • The HDR Light Studio project data is embedded in the host 3D scene, so lighting can be edited in the future.
  • A completed HDR lighting project is finally rendered as a hi-resolution HDRI file on disc that is then automatically referenced within the host.
Compatibility Chart

Standalone Workflow

  • Run HDR Light Studio and export your scene into its LiveLight viewport (Collada, Mental Images or OBJ file).
  • Use the LightPaint feature to position and select lights in the rendered view with instant feedback on illumination and reflections. It's a fast and precise way to light a scene.
  • Render your HDRI map and use it back in your 3D renderer for perfect lighting and reflections.
  • Save your HDR Light Studio project so you can edit this lighting design in the future.

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