What's New in Version 4

Now on PC, Mac and Linux

HDR Light Studio 4 contains all features and connectivity, including the Live plug-ins in a single product edition that's available for the first time on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Commercial and Educational licenses are available as node locked or floating seats.


New LightPaint technology enables lighting artists to point in the rendered view directing the light to the exact location where it is needed on their models. Slashing the time taken to light a 3D scene and enabling the precise placement of lighting and reflections.

"LightPaint has revolutionized our lighting workflow. No more trial and error and waiting for re-renders, just instant visual feedback as you move lights around. LightPaint takes the guesswork out of placing light..." Tom Painter, Bigman

"HDR Light Studio 4 became my default lighting solution after about 15 minutes of playing with the Beta... I love placing lights by 'touching' the model, it's so intuitive and a huge time saver." Jim Cascarina, MGV

New User Interface

  • Faster and smoother interaction
  • 15% smaller footprint than version 3
  • New selected light preview image
  • Canvas Exposure Slider
  • Interact directly with falloff curve
  • Picture Light Browser previews under mouse
  • Dynamic update of Zup/Yup setting
  • A 'no canvas guides' option


Explore the shot with pan and zoom in LiveLight to light details using LightPaint


Look through a selected light on the HDR canvas and use the camera navigation to drive its location


Take control of the brightness of light sources in existing HDRI maps

Better connected than ever

New Direct Exporters

Push scenes from Modo, Cinema4D and 3DS Max direct into HDR Light Studio for real-time image based lighting creation and control.

New Live plug-ins

New Maya and Houdini plug-ins

Created using the HDR Light Studio 4 new python interface. Fully adjustable for your workflow.

Output Presets

Select your 3D software and renderer combination for correctly mapped HDR output in Live and file export.

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